EasyCAM Pipeline Inspection Camera

EasyCAM is the industry's only "owner repairable" pipeline inspection camera that solves two of the biggest complaints plumbers have with their inspection cameras; high shipping/repair costs and long downtime periods waiting for their inspection camera to be repaired at the factory. EasyCAM was invented by Rick Joy, a plumber who was tired of wasting time and money shipping and waiting for his inspection cameras to to be repaired at the factory. To solve this problem, Rick engineered a pipeline inspection camera with modular components that can be easily removed and put back together when the camera is in need of repair. The repair of a camera can now be done within minutes because the part needed is on hand with the purchase of the all new repair kit. Fill out the form to request a FREE DEMO.

Features & Benefits:

  • Repair in Minutes w/ Simple Tools & Repair Kit
  • Inspect Smaller Lines w/ the EMB75 Mini Camera (2nd photo above) 
  • Multiple Models & Sizes Available
  • Financing Available
  • Patented Modular Design Saves Time & Money
  • Color Camera Head with Sapphire Lens 
  • 512-Hz Transmitter
  • Clear 7″ LED Monitor w/ Video Recording
  • Cordless, Safe 12-Volt Operation 
  • Heavy-Duty Wheels & Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame
  • One of the industries' most reliable, non-crimping push rod 
  • Add Wi-Fi to EasyCam and get a FREE Samsung Tablet

EasyCam Inspection Camera Repair KitRepair Kit Includes:

  • Camera head
  • Camera skid
  • RCA adapter
  • Allen wrench
  • 512 Transmitter
  • Spring assembly
  • Charger and power supply

Testimonials from Plumbing Contractors Who Own an EasyCam

EasyCam Sewer Pipeline Inspection

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