HOLDRITE EZ-Strut Telescoping Supports

The HOLDRITE EZ-Strut telescoping supports are the optimal solution for multiple pipe run applications including medical and fuel gases and domestic and process piping systems including gas, copper, PEX and CPVC telescoping from 12" to 40" with load rating up to 1,100 pounds. The 16-gauge galvanized steel trapeze platform has two models that are adjustable from 12" to 40" with uniform load ratings up to 1,100 pounds. Top and bottom mounting surfaces allow for tighter ceiling space installations than double strut. Pre-punched ends accept standard 3/8” all-thread rod, and pre-punched measurement markings aid with prefab speed. Without the need to measure, mark, and cut strut to length, the telescoping design saves time and money, and eliminates sharp edges.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Galvanized steel trapeze platform with telescoping design from 12" to 40"
  • Load rating up to 1,100 lbs.
  • Compatible with #250 and #280 HOLDRITE clamps and other industry standard clamps
  • Accepts standard 3/8" all-thread rod Includes four screws
  • UL Listed 

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