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1800plumbing 1-800-PLUMBING is a simple, cost-effective way to gain customer loyalty and build your brand in your local area without buying into a costly franchise or changing the way you run your business. When you license the 1-800-PLUMBING number, every call to that number from your exclusive territory will ring directly to your office and customers will remember your phone number instantly.

1800plumbingFeatures & Benefits:

  • Increase calls and repeat business 20-30%
  • Great for referrals
  • Not a franchise
  • Free marketing and business development advice
  • Free marketing tools including logo & radio jingles
  • Territories available from only $200 per month


How it Works

1800plumbingCall 1-800-758-6298 or fill out the form to find out if 1-800-PLUMBING is available in your area.

*In the past, companies jockeyed for the largest advertisement with placement at the front of their specialty in the Yellow Pages. With the dawn of the internet, though, yellow page advertising has virtually dried up. The internet is an incredibly powerful advertising tool today. Now companies bid higher and higher amounts to come up first in the search engines. SEO has become an art, and specific keywords drive consumers to your company web page “organically” without having to bid and pay like an auction. Search algorithms are constantly changing, so it is a major task to keep up. In this constantly changing advertising and marketing world companies are looking for the best way to get the most return on investment for their advertising dollars and keep customer acquisition costs as low as possible. Visit www.800plumbing.com to learn more.

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