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COMPLIFT LIGHT-DUTY #1 is a gantry style crane that turns a multiple person lifting job into a one man job. It is designed to lift and lower heavy submersible pumps, grease traps, pipes and other heavy materials. All four COMPLIFT models are OSHA Compliant and load tested to ASME Standards. COMPLIFT increases productivity preventing injuries & Workman’s Comp Claims.  Set up and tear down is quick and easy and can be done by one person. COMPLIFT will help save time, money and your back. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Portable one man operation
  • Sets up easily with only 4 pins
  • Hoist lifts and lowers heavy objects to the ground
  • Includes trolley designed for chain/electric hoist
  • 8 ft. long beam & adjustable from 5'-8'
  • Rated for up to 600lbs. load capacity
  • Powder coated for durability

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