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CompanyCam PlumbingCompanyCam allows plumbing techs, installers and sales guys to take job site photos and instantly share with others in the company. Using GPS technology, photos are organized by the address where the photo was taken. Team members can draw, comment and add notes so that the whole team gets every detail right. Create and share branded photo galleries and photo reports in just seconds. Fill out the form on this page to sign up for a 14 day free trial.

Features & Benefits:

  • Works with desktops, laptops, smartphones & tablets
  • No need to upload, email, or text photos
  • See real-time job progress
  • Take before and after photos
  • Draw, tag & comment on photos
  • Create customized photo reports
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Only $12 per mobile user per month 
  • No hidden fees and no contracts 
  • Wholesalers can also use CompanyCam to document deliveries

Watch a Video to See How it Works

"I'm Matt Erickson, a 4th generation owner at C.J. Erickson Plumbing in Chicago, IL. I've been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years. We never really had a process or a protocol for field employees taking pictures. Before the iPhone, many of the field employees had digital cameras. They'd take the pictures and then bring the camera to the office to download the photos. Sometimes we would rename them, but most the time we’d just create a picture folder for the job and store them somewhere on the server.

Then with the iPhone we pretty much stopped buying digital cameras and all the photos would reside on their devices. The field guys would either email or text or sometimes bring in their phone and plug it into a computer to transfer the pictures. While we had iCloud back-up of the phones, the process to share and edit phots was cumbersome. Now we use CompanyCam!

We Love Unlimited Photo Storage CompanyCam solves our main challenge of storing photos from field employee phones.

"Now, no one has to worry about storage—they can just take photos!"

The other tools that CompanyCam has, like drawing on the photo and adding captions, are added benefits that the techs really use. I know other contractors are having their guys take photos, but then how do you get them off your guys' phones? CompanyCam takes care of that and the storage too.

The managers have the techs use CompanyCam when they look at a job for an estimate. A customer calls and says, 'Can you send someone to take a look at this problem that I'm having?' and then the tech goes out and takes a bunch of pictures of the problem and work area. The manager can see in real time what's going on, will talk with the technician about the pictures, and write a proposal for the customer – all without multiple emails or texts to send the pictures.

Our techs will take pictures before and after they do their work. They take daily pictures of their job sites. Some of them go to multiple job sites in a week, and they are taking pictures of existing conditions. We do underground utility work, so taking pictures of existing conditions is as important as taking pictures after the work is done.

While CompanyCam solves our transfer and storage problem, the biggest benefit, after 3 months of use, is the increase in communication between the field and the office staff. The benefits and uses explained on the website are what we use every day. I know our managers are looking on CompanyCam daily. As an owner, I'm on maybe once a week, and then I'll send someone a message and say 'Hey, take more pictures!"

"We are taking way more photos now; because it is easier!

Fill Out the Form On this Page to Sign Up for a 14 Day Free Trial

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