Power Smoker 2

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Hurco Power Smoker 2 LiquiSmokeThe Hurco Power Smoker 2 provides a fast, safe and cost effective method for finding leaks in residential and commercial sewer and plumbing systems. Leaks can quickly be found as LiquiSmoke® escapes through problem areas. Customers don’t have to worry about any trace of smoke once the testing has been performed. The patented SuperJet muffler super-heats the LiquiSmoke for nearly a 100% burn of the liquid, resulting in virtually no wasted liquid and a dense smoke.

Hurco Power Smoker 2 LiquiSmokeFeatures & Benefits:

  • Laboratory tested - Contain NO toxic compounds
  • Will not stain or leave residue
  • Low odor – Dissipates with the smoke
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Accurate control of smoke
  • More affordable than smoke bombs or candles
  • Free gallon of LiquiSmoke with purchase

Hurco Power Smoker 2 LiquiSmoke

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