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Water Hero P-100 Leak Detection and Water Consumption Water Shut Off SmartphoneWater Hero P-100 provides minute-by-minute water consumption data to a smartphone. When a leak is detected multiple users will receive a text/e-mail alert. Water flow can be shut off by remotely closing the on/off actuation valve via the mobile app. Water Hero works by reading the rotations of a typical water meter and, using a proprietary algorithm, converts these rotations to digital flow readings. It is installed in ~45 mins or less by cutting it into the pipe near where the water main enters a building. Water Hero also alerts users when it detects high or low temperatures that could indicate a fire, furnace failure and/or freezing pipes.

Water Hero Custom BrandingFeatures & Benefits:

  • Alerts sent to homeowners, building owners, plumbers, etc...
  • Uses customers' WiFi network
  • Significantly more affordable than alternatives
  • Great for old homes, vacation homes, property managers
  • For well and city water; fits 1" and 3/4" pipes
  • Back-up battery enables operation during a power outage
  • Control via mobile app or a web browser
  • Custom branding (Coming Soon!); sold direct to contractor

Desktop and Mobile Interface

Call Water Hero at (617) 819-4376 or fill out the form on this page to request more info.

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